Breast Lumps – Examining Your Breasts

Many women will have experienced one or more breast symptoms throughout their life. Common symptoms include breast pain, breast lumps and nipple discharge. Fortunately the underlying causes for these symptoms are benign and the symptoms are usually self limiting. However the life-time risk of developing breast cancer is 1 in 9 so naturally women of any age are worried when they feel a lump. My advice is simple if you feel or think you can feel breast lumps seek the help of either your GP or local private breast clinic.

Your GP will talk to you about your symptoms and will often refer you in to the local breast clinic for further investigations. Modern day breast clinics will have a digital mammogram machine, ultrasound scanner and access to MRI scanning. If a lump is found you will be offered a biopsy in the clinic. This is performed under local anaesthetic and takes around 15 minutes. The results are usually ready within a week. If you are wondering what to look for when examining your breasts please refer to the pictures below which are a guide only.

Signs to look for when examining your breasts


Mr Johnson runs a “one stop” Breast clinic at Spire Regency Hospital and 52 Alderley Road, Wilmslow if you are concerned about your breasts please contact his secretary.