Latest articles on Cosmetic Breast Surgery including a new feature on Breast Implants

Showcasing medical articles from Mr. Richard Johnson Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

In his latest blog Mr Johnson discusses breast implants and their value in cosmetic breast surgery. He also describes the potential complications of this particular procedure

Breast enlargement: Claire’s story

Keeping fit is important to Claire Standen who spends up to six sessions a week in the gym along with running, trampolining and taking part in Latin dancing. However, she found that as her body has gained muscle and toned up, the exercise was causing her bust to shrink.

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Breast Implants

Types of breast implants Breast implants are artificial (prosthetic) implants. In the UK, two types of breast implants are commonly used: silicone gel implants – available as a liquid, a gel, or a solid form similar to plastic saline (sterile salt water) implants Each type has associated advantages and disadvantages

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Thinking of cosmetic breast Surgery?…….what to consider

So you are considering cosmetic breast surgery (breast enlargement, breast uplift or breast reduction) and want to find out more about the procedures. There are a number of pathways you can take to learn more about the procedure and most people start by typing in “breast surgery” or “breast implants” into Google.

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